001 OK-Inventory 1WS

001 OK-Inventory 1WS 2.0.6

OK-Inventory is an innovative, versatile and customizable software...

OK-Inventory is an innovative, versatile and customizable software package designed to provide inventory control, accounting and documentmanagement solutions to small and medium-sized trading and manufacturing companies.

The program interface is very simple and user-friendly. It will only take two or three days of training before you learn the key elements of the program and start using it for your business.

OK-Inventory will help you streamline all business processes within your company. SALES AND SUPPLIES MANAGEMENT: ? Incoming goods or services from vendors?

Outgoing goods or services for your customers? Invoices and reservation of goods for customers? An option to sell items from specific lots? Orders from customer?

Orders for vendors? Goods returns from customers? Goods returns to vendors? Price lists? An option to assign various pricing categories to products?

Ability to create and print out warranty slips for the items you sell Main program interface View your inventory at warehouses at one click View current finances at one click Search items by name, part number or barcodeONLINE SALES: ?

Upload your inventory to and download orders from your web site with one click of a mouse? Customise the view of each product on web site including images?